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Lucky's Way
Turn Your A**hole Dog into an Asset
by Brenda Boemer-Groenestege

Part memoir, part dog-training guide, Lucky’s Way offers practical, straightforward advice for training dogs alongside stories from the author’s life and the many dogs who have been part of it. With humour and candour, Brenda Boemer-Groenestege provides down-to-earth guidelines on everything from choosing the right dog to obedience and therapy training, providing readers the resources to train a well-behaved pet or even a therapy dog and get results quickly.

The stories and advice in Lucky’s Way are forthright, honest, and at times humorously irreverent, ranging from descriptions of ideal service dog attributes to personal anecdotes to descriptions of the author’s current giant-breed dog therapy team, accompanied by family pictures. Dog owners owe it to their dogs to be the incredible people their dogs think they are; Lucky’s Way shows readers how to make every day a happy, memorable time with their (mostly) well-behaved best friends.

Brenda Boemer-Groenestege lives on a beautiful farm just outside of Stratford, Ontario, with her husband, Bob, their teenage daughter, Brooklyn, and her four giant-breed therapy dogs, Lloyd, Harold, Leonard, and Clark Griswald. She also has two older sons, Spencer and Dylan, both of whom have their own amazing dogs.

Brenda has owned, trained, and loved dogs her entire life. She was taught to train by her father, Lucky Boemer, an extraordinary man who trained German Shepherds in Germany in the 1950s before coming to Canada, and many of her unique tips and tricks were passed down by him. She has worked with many different breeds and dealt with all kinds of behaviours. Brenda believes in helping train people so they can have better-behaved dogs. She has found therapy dog work very rewarding and hopes Lucky’s Way will inspire others to get into the field.

Dogs are Brenda’s main hobby, but she also enjoys cooking and baking. When she’s in the kitchen, so are her dogs.


Brenda Boemer-Groenestege

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