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The Stupid But Amazing Adventures Of Super Bannana Man cover

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Humour, Comic adventure, Superheroes, Bananas, Monkeys, Comic books, Coconuts

The Stupid But Amazing Adventures Of Super Bannana Man
Book 1
by Gabe E. Ramirez

Our tale begins when a terrible tornado hurls a normal, everyday banana all the way from Hawaii to a nuclear power plant in Russia. The radiation turns him into a mutant superhero with a brand-new face—and more importantly, a hat. When the mayor of his hometown creates a new law declaring that people can no longer eat bananas, Super Bannana Man must fight for his life against an evil monkey and a robot intent on revenge! For anyone who appreciates humour, looks up to superheroes, and can’t get enough stories about fruit that comes to life, this comic is for you!

"This Book is really amazing"

Commented by pencil man comix - A classmate and friend

Gabe E. Ramirez is a ten-year-old boy who has been making comics for several years. His work is inspired by author Dav Pilkey, creator of the popular Captain Underpants books, among others. The Stupid but Amazing Adventures of Super Bannana Man is Gabe’s first book, of many more to come of the series. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, with his parents and his dog.


Gabe E. Ramirez

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