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Poetry collection, Poems of love and loss, Free-form poetry, Overcoming loss, Deborah Russell, Shattered Pieces, Pieces of Me

My Shattered Pieces
by Deborah Russell

Do you ever feel lost or heartbroken? Do you struggle to find the energy and motivation to see the silver linings and bright sides of dark situations? At some point in our lives, we all feel alone with this pain. We feel isolated and are often oblivious to the commonality of our suffering at one time or another. Pain is a strange helper. It makes us grow, even when we’re unaware. Shattered Pieces pulls back the curtain of our shared reality, offering us the comfort of sharing and relating with someone who has been there―someone with the ability to articulate the things we cannot put into words and help us heal.

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Deborah Russell was born in New England but moved to Arizona at an early age. There, the self-identified ‘New England girl’ grew to adulthood, married, and raised two sons, who grew into men of whom she is incredibly proud. When her marriage ended, after thirty-four years—crumbling to its finale over an eight-year period—Deborah threw herself into physical fitness. She eventually became a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, but it was her poetry that was the true lifeline in those very turbulent and troubled times. In Shattered Pieces, she hopes to extend that lifeline to others.

Deborah currently lives with her two feisty, chocolate-brown schnauzers, enjoying every moment of her life with them and her extended family, which has grown to include a wonderful daughter-in-law and two amazing granddaughters.


Deborah Russell

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