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Wilderness Adventure, Romance, Alaska, Grief, Family, Man against the elements, Survival

Belonging in the Void
by Warn Franklin

As a last testament to the memory of his lost family, grieving Blake designs a state of torment for himself – a void. Deep in the wilds of Alaska, he plans to live out his days in the harshest, most intolerable conditions he can find. But time moves on and things change in even the most tormented lives. And as Blake faces these differences in his world, he finds them somehow cosmically timed with the beginnings of an introspection on his life. Bit by bit he begins to emerge from his stupefying grief and discovers that his place in the world may not be what he thought it was. But when an unexpected event shocks him by igniting his interest in life again, he struggles to find his footing and let go of the past. In beautiful, lyrical, sensory prose, Belonging in the Void tells the story of the strength of the human character and our innate, unstoppable drive to connect with others and live every moment fully.

Warn Franklin is a storyteller. Ever since he was a child he has been dreaming up stories and telling them to family and friends. All through his life he has been writing, whether it be short stories, poetry, or novels. He has worked as a forestry technician, wildland firefighter, and environmental professional, all of which informs Belonging in the Void and its wilderness setting. Warn’s passion lies in ecology and biodiversity and bringing real-world solutions to issues of sustainability. He spends much of his time outdoors and like Blake, his protagonist, enjoys finding solitude in nature. Residing in southeastern British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Julie, Warn is currently totally smitten with the newest addition to the family, his granddaughter Ella.


Warn Franklin

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