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Coming of Age, Teen Angst, Wishes, Relationships, Young Adult, Fiction, Short Stories

Pretty Penny
by Gyeongwon Kwak

We all know about the genie, his lamp, and the three wishes. But what if the first three wishes didn’t quite work out, and you were given one more chance, one more wish? Pretty Penny tells the stories of seven people who are visited by a young girl who can grant them their fourth wish. Even though she is a complete stranger, everyone she approaches opens up to her about their worries, concerns, and uncertainties. With gentle guidance, she helps each one think through how to best use their fourth wish and move forward with hope for a better future.

Debut author Gyeongwon Kwak was born in South Korea and immigrated to Canada with her family at the age of seven. She is currently a high school student with plans to attend university upon graduation. She enjoys drawing, watching movies, making her own clothing, and producing music. Gyeongwon lives in Alliston, Ontario, Canada with her parents and older sister. This is her first book.


Gyeongwon Kwak

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