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Spiritual world view, Transcendence, Enlightenment, Interdependence, Music, Poetry, Philosophy

Born Into Unity
Embracing Our Common Spirituality
by P. D. Crawford

Today, many of us live under the impact of cultural pressures urging us to adopt an independent, me-first (or us-first) orientation towards life. "Born into Unity: Embracing Our Common Spirituality" urges us to do the opposite. This collection of essays encourages readers to acknowledge our fundamental togetherness—our interdependence—and reflect on its implications for everyday life. It reminds us that we are always co-creators rather than solitary makers of our experiences. And because our basic personal attributes and experiences are universal, it speaks about spirituality in a way that looks beyond the boundaries of specific religions. In the light of our common spirituality, "Born into Unity" points to the obvious but often overlooked insight that we participate most fully and creatively in the growth and development of both ourselves and our world by embracing the unity into which we have been born.

The more readily you plumb the question “Who or what am I?” the

more unavoidable is the realization that you are nothing at all apart

from everything else.

Alan Watts (1915-1973)

Our freedom as creators finds its highest joy in contributing its own voice

in the concert of the world-music.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

Paul D. Crawford, PhD., has worked as an academic (teacher, researcher, and writer) in the fields of educational psychology and philosophy, theology, and interdisciplinary studies. He has also worked as a musician throughout his professional life (composer, performer, CBC radio music producer, and teacher). A compelling interest in spirituality, world religions, and cultural studies underscores all his work. His book, "In the Middle of Things: The Spirituality of Everyday Life," was published in 2016.


P. D. Crawford

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