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world government, survival, values, science, technology, humanity, astronomy

Saving Humanity
Truly Understanding And Ranking Our World's Greatest Threats
by Jiaqi Hu

Our world faces threats on many fronts—terrorism, environmental and natural disasters, and pandemics, to name just a few. In light of these growing dangers, we must ask: Is the total annihilation of the human race inevitable, or can we be saved? With a breadth and depth of knowledge that serves as a foundation to his proposals, along with almost forty years of research, Saving Humanity addresses these questions and assures readers that hope for human survival and happiness still exists, but only if we unite under a common purpose.

Chinese scholar and scientist Jiaqi Hu proposes that humanity won’t be wiped out by war or nuclear weapons, famine, or climate change. Instead, the chief culprit raging against our survival is technology. If technology continues to grow and develop, human beings could vanish from the earth in less than two or three hundred years. Hu’s solution to this problem will challenge and inspire readers as they realize that the future of humanity rests in our hands— now.

Devoting all of his time to his mission of spreading this message of hope and urgency, Jiaqi Hu is reaching out to leaders and people of influence who can be the giants to lead the charge of saving humanity. Please read and share, spreading the word and raising up giants.

Jiaqi Hu was born in Hunan province, China, in 1962. He is a Humanities scholar and the president and chief scientist of the Beijing Jianlei International Decoration Engineering Company and 16Lao Group. He was also elected as the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (PCC) member for Beijing Mentougou District. After graduating from Dongbei University in 1983, he spent most of his time working in the China National Construction Material Industry Bureau. In 1994, he opened his own company. Saving Humanity is Jiaqi Hu’s first book to be published in North America.


Jiaqi Hu

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