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Child’s animal story, Backyard chickens, Nature education, Young child science, Pet responsibility, Green family living, Raising baby chicks

My Chickens Lay Eggs
by Sherry Crelin

Come join Jenny as she takes you along on her family’s exciting new journey raising a small flock of chickens in their suburban back yard. The lively and engaging story of Jenny, her chickens, and their eggs easily captivates children. While written to entertain, it is also educational, increasing understanding of where food originates, teaching science based animals facts and fostering an understanding of the responsibilities involved in caring for pets. The book includes an educational resource section with fun chicken facts for children and important information for adults to consider before starting a family backyard flock of their own.

This delightful new offering has so many educational and engaging aspects and is sure to become a favorite with parents, educators, and librarians. This book hit it out of the ballpark for me!

Barefoot Librarian Eve Panzer, MLIS, Educational Consultant

I love this story and the kid friendly illustrations are just right! In my pre-K classroom I have incubated baby chicks for 15 years. This book will definitely become part of my classroom reading list.

Jeri Ewing, Pre-School Educator

In an ever changing world and wandering from knowing our food sources, some things never change….like chickens! Sherry’s approach to captivate and educate about chickens is delightful.

Cyndi Ball, Lazy B Farm, Executive Director National Ladies Homestead Gathering

My kids and I love this book! We are new backyard chicken owners and love the information and fun facts that this book provides!! I hope this book encourages more backyard/small farm/homestead chicken owners!! I love seeing the natural world through a young person’s eyes and ears!!! Great job!

Dr. Rob, Mobile Animal Care Clinic

This book is a fine example of creative non-fiction. It is the full package, a wonderful combination of facts, fun story, and a relatable narrator. It delivers important messages in a non-preachy way. The illustrations are cheerful, colorful, and endearing. There are so many layers to this book. First, an engaging story with a charming narrator. The reader is given lessons on what is involved in deciding to adopt chickens into their family. Details are provided on how to care for the chickens, which provides an opportunity to discuss responsibility and commitment. There are also STEAM connections. The author gives many facts about chicks and chickens. Building a chicken coop provides opportunities to introduce technology, engineering, and math concepts. This is a great book for starting conversations about food sources. In addition, at the end of the book, the author includes fun facts about chickens and devotes an entire page to offer considerations to weigh before adopting chickens. I highly recommend My Chickens Lay Eggs. This delightful new offering has so many educational and engaging aspects and is sure to become a favorite with parents, educators, and librarians. This book hit it out of the ballpark for me!

Eve Panzer, MLIS Educational Consultant & Children’s Bookseller,

Sherry’s simplistic explanation of raising chickens in one’s own back yard dispels the thunderhead of misinformation often encountered when approaching this consideration. Children will be thrilled to realize, even in the midst of life’s ever changing technology, a chicken will always be a chicken, they will always lay eggs and provide food for people. And just as chickens come home to roost, knowledge well given will, too, comes home to roost. A fantastic story for young and old.

Cyndi Ball,, Founder and Executive Director National Ladies Homestead Gathering

Sherry Crelin photo

You might have to search a bit, but you will eventually find author, Sherry Crelin, busily puttering around among the chickens, dogs, cats, gardens and grandchildren on her small suburban homestead. As a lifelong teacher, writer, and student, she happily shares her knowledge and experience related to sustainable living practices, organic gardening and backyard chicken raising with both children and adults alike. This is Ms. Crelin’s first children’s book and you can follow her further writing and homesteading adventures at


Sherry Crelin

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