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Cousins Family secret, Princess, Female role models, Female protagonist, Undersea society, Unusual pet

The Girl From the Bottom of the Sea
by Anne Van Roon

Nothing exciting ever happens to Mani. She lives in a small city under a dome, at the bottom of the sea. She’s been told her whole life that no one is able to live on the land above since the Great Wars, but one day, a man named Uncle Jock visits and turns her world upside down. On the run with her parents, Mani meets an extraordinary creature, new family, and a secret identity that will change the way she looks at herself. Will she be brave enough to go on the most important mission of her life?

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Anne Van Roon has been reading stories her whole life, and the more adventure, the better! She’s been imagining and telling stories as well, but none have been as important as the ones that she’s told around the campfire to her three children. When she's not telling stories, she's learning all the new slang words and dope dance moves on Just Dance so that she can embarrass her teenagers in front of their friends.


Anne Van Roon

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