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Poetry collection, Poetry about life and loss, Personal poetry, Surviving loss, Caregivers Lament, Living with Diversity, Understanding Humanity

A World Diverse III
In Need of Help by David Edmond

The world is ever changing. People seem to have lost the will to slow down and enjoy restful hours. They have put enormous stresses on themselves and others as they try to accomplish more in a shorter time frame. Work consumes their life. Rapid advancement in electronics has produced communication tools which are constantly being replaced with newer and better models. The cost in dollars is high but the cost in personal health is even higher. Leisure time is non- existent. In my poems I have tried to keep in place the things we need to do for enjoyment. I also try to look to the future and express where I think our path is taking us.

Praise for A World Diverse II:

"It’s a book of poetry with prescience, power, and a coherent view of an often off-kilter world.

-Foreword Clarion Review

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A 34 plus year career in the RCAF exposed me to a multitude of personalities and various nationalities. I had the good fortune to have played soccer against Swedish, Dutch and Nigerian cadets while undergoing my officer training. Diversity is alive and well in all parts of Canada and integrating with those of differing backgrounds can only better our understanding of the many obstacles that arise between peoples of other races, religions and experiences. Book learning will never replace the day to day interacting with others. My poems all have a story to tell, many filled with emotion as I lived the experiences. I take the liberty at the end to gaze ahead and pronounce on where life is going "In this World Diverse"


David Edmond

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