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A collection of Christmas cards, A collection of Christmas poems, Christmas poetry, Poems for the Christmas season, The magic of Christmas, Holiday poems and pictures, Book of Christmas Cards

Ho Ho Too!
by mr bear

Ho Ho Too! is the third in a trilogy of my books including Ho Ho Ho! and Ho Ho Two!. It is a continued collection of images and verse to resemble the appreciation of the festive Christmas season. My intention is to Inspire and bring delight to those who enjoy the celebration of Christmas.

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I am with strength and guidance of the friends I have known

My wisdom has flourished with all the gifts they have shown.

My books are a journey through the dreams that I have seen

Enjoying the bounteous pleasures of all the places I have been.

Amidst all the transcending fantasies the captions are real

They express evidence of emotions and that my heart can feel.

With the consummate pleasure of sharing I give them to you

With hope and anticipation this odyssey captures you too.

All of life’s gifts are for sharing so won’t you pass them along

Remember when you give from the heart you can’t go wrong.


mr bear

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