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puns, riddles, cartoons, one-liners, silly definitions, humour collection, joke book

Short Ribs
by David J. Hardwicke

This volume is the first of an intended series of comedic fiction, based on observations and reflections on the world as we create and perceive it in an everyday sense. These reflections are contained within the various puns, riddles, micro-stories and cartoons herein, flavoured by the liberal dusting of a dry sense of humour. Elements of life common to all of us are found here, expressed in a minimalist manner so that you, the reader, form the true image in your head, as pertinent to your life. The words simply plant the seed. Just be warned that the seed may provide unexpected fruit, but this is fully intended.

If life were to be fully predictable, it would have no life in it. To laugh at our own foibles is to be content with ourselves, even if only for a moment or two. We trust you will embark with us on a voyage of introspection, celebration and pure imagination as we set out to explore the frontiers of the human experience and the nether-reaches of pure silliness. This combination sets us free of the weight of world for a time, opens our hearts and minds to recall the many roads and milestones of our lives, while wrapped in the warm hug of humour.

Come with us. We have cookies!

David Hardwicke grew up as a part-time class clown, much to the consternation of his teachers. His love of making people laugh apparently extends equally to his karaoke singing.

When he’s not writing jokes or singing, he’s probably sleeping.


Arlene Doell is an artist who employs many different mediums to express her artistic side. Illustrating books is something she has always wanted to do. Now, she can check it off of her bucket list. She is currently employed assisting people in her community.

They both reside in beautiful Terrace, British Columbia.


David J. Hardwicke
Arlene Doell

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