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Christianity, Church reform, Church building, Fivefold ministry, Eldership, Theological issues, New Testament

Fivefold Apostle Church Building
New Testament Church Building by John DeVries

Fivefold Church Fishing: If fivefold ministry were compared to fishing, their different strengths are used as a team. The apostle would acquire the boat, net, and team to catch and process the fish. The prophet would seek Holy Spirit direction, to know time, location, and fishing depth. The teacher would study to give knowledge of species and bait, to maximize catching, cleaning, and preserving the fish. The evangelist will go out regardless of time or weather. He will tirelessly cast his net to maximize gathering all he can, while encouraging believers to join him. The pastor would receive the catch, clean it, and care for the processed fish. All the elders would distribute this catch with wisdom and love, while ministering to the entire assembly. Well-fed believers will then minister both inside and outside of the church.

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The author has ministered in several countries but especially in the Philippines, with church planting, conferences and writings of Bible doctrines while encouraging and raising up ministry.


John DeVries

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