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The Land Beyond the Clouds cover

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Vikings, Romance, Adventure, Historical, Suspense, Magic, Norse discovery of North America

The Land Beyond the Clouds
by Sarah Stewart

Meet Gudrid, a Viking girl, just 15 years old, but she already knows what she wants. That doesn’t include staying home and weaving sails day after day for her father’s boat. The sea is in her blood and she dreams of sailing to a distant land where none of her people have ever set foot. Her foster mother has taught her all the healing ways and the ancient magic of her Viking people. Gudrid can see the future, heal disease, and speak with spirits, but is powerless until she can be more than just the Chief’s daughter. She wants to make her own choices and live her own life. Explore Gudrid’s world as she battles for her own sense of self, her survival at the edge of the world and her discovery of love and love’s many faces as we voyage with her. Sail through the storm to the new found land in the year 1000AD with Gudrid and her people. Their compelling story of desire, sorrow, terror and love with a cast of unforgettable characters will intrigue, disturb and draw you deeply into the Viking world.

Sarah Stewart is a teacher, researcher, editor, and writer. She has written educational materials for children and young people and led workshops and quests to places of power in Europe for women seeking spiritual adventures. She is the author of The Quest of the Thought Travellers, the editor of We Remember the Coming of the Whiteman and Our Elders, as well as contributed to anthologies and articles to magazines.

The cover of this book is entitled Mystic Seas and is the work of Vancouver Island Artist Lisa Knelson. Lisa Knelson is inspired by nature. She can be reached at


Sarah Stewart

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