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Waking Up from the Cancer Trance
The Truth about Preventing and Healing Cancer by Judith Lee Dew

• Ignorance about cancer can be fatal, expensive, and wholly unnecessary.

• There are books on gentle, effective cancer care, but none of them tell the truth about our uniquely individual needs.

• This book is as close to the whole truth as possible and includes the works of the great geniuses who healed cancer patients with remarkable results.

• It also includes doctors and hospitals where healing cancer patients is not a crime.

• I cured my own breast cancer but didn’t stop researching until I found what was necessary to help all the others find their way.

• Cancer is still a mystery, because the cancer industry does not want you to know that it is not a mystery.

• Cancer prevention should be common knowledge, but it won’t be until it is not sponsored by the conventional pharmaceutical industry.

• Cancer care is at least a hundred years behind where it should be.

• There will come a time when we will wake up and demand that individual cancer care be proven by large-scale clinical trials.

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Judith Dew lives in Santa Cruz, California with her husband, Daniel, and cat, Tomasito. She was an English and American History teacher before turning her passion for learning into a cancer quest for cures.


Judith Lee Dew

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