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grandparents, family, goldfish, nature, fish ponds, childhood, zoology

Bonga Bonga & Grandpa
A Fish Story by Geoffrey B Haddad

Through the Years with Bonga Bonga is a series of true and educational children’s stories covering a wide range of topics. Inspired by the love of a grandfather for his first grandchild, affectionately known as Bonga Bonga, these delightful tales will make excellent additions to personal and school libraries alike.

With beautiful illustrations throughout, Bonga Bonga and Grandpa: A Fish Story, the first book in the series, tells the tale of Grandpa’s fish and his efforts to care for and protect them in his backyard ponds. Readers will learn about how to guard fish from natural dangers and nurture them to adulthood, while at the same time experiencing the wonder of these beautiful creatures. The book is also a lovely way for a teacher to introduce a science unit on fish, pond building and eco-systems. Told from Bonga Bonga’s perspective, the narrative will engage and entertain readers of all ages.

I just loved reading these stories. They’re wonderful. I had tears in my eyes. It is wonderful; your relationship with your granddaughter.

Lois Geller, Author, International keynote speaker and lecturer. Owner and President at Lois Geller Marketing Group

A beautiful story for grandpas to read to little ones. I think I re-lived many of the episodes. Such is the wonder of memory!

Louis Peterson, Retired Professor, Simon Fraser University

First let me say what an incredible keepsake for your granddaughter. Most of us would wish to have a grandfather that spent so much time and recorded the early times we had together. She will cherish this forever.

Kelly Botz, Pre-School Teacher

Geoffrey B Haddad photo

Geoffrey B. Haddad comes from the small island of Jamaica and now makes his home in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A professional engineer, Geoffrey enjoys the outdoors, is a radio control model aeroplane enthusiast and sportsman who now spends a significant amount of his time with his grandchildren; assisting them with homework, art and craft, music, sports, preparation of meals, numerous outdoor activities and a variety of projects. Geoffrey delights in telling others that his familial love for children and in particular, his grandchildren, was inherited from his own father.

A published author, Geoffrey’s first book, If I'm Not back by Wednesday: Trapped in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, has received a number of positive reviews from notable persons.

It is Geoffrey`s hope that the Bonga Bonga and Grandpa series will bring great enjoyment to many children, parents, grandchildren, and grandparents!

You can learn more about Geoffrey and his work at


Geoffrey B Haddad

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