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Challenging Behavior, Person-centred care, Caregiver approaches, Understanding behavior, Professional social skills, Non-pharmacological interventions, Reflective questions

Moving on by Standing Still
A Different View of ‘Problem Behavior’
by Geert Bettinger

Is it true that people with developmental disabilities cannot communicate effectively?

How can I understand the mindset of a person with dementia?

Why is it good that children from difficult backgrounds sometimes hit out?

If we do not make a real effort to understand some of the behaviors of care-dependent clients, we not only miss out on the opportunity to meet the underlying need and truly resolve the issue, but we also might actually cause much greater harm to those for whom we are caring; the hurt of not truly being heard and seen, which leads to deep-seated loneliness. In this book, Geert takes you by the hand and gently walks you toward a whole new level of thinking and approaching situations, and at the end you will find yourself armed with a wealth of possibilities (as long as you allow your mind to shift and remain receptive). This book gives a voice to all those who are dependent on others and, in a way, also to ourselves, as one day it might be we who need compassionate care.

Nadine Jans MSc. Founder of Uptimize Coaching, Counselling & Training Ltd.

This book is published in the Netherlands, where it is a Bestseller.

Care-dependent clients often have no words or dare not speak out if they have problems. Therefore, they regularly ‘have to’ ask for attention to things that are wrong, in their own specific manner. In this book, I describe my vision for the treatment of and assistance to these clients. This book is suitable for use in peer review meetings, both in practice and in education.

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Geert Bettinger (1952) has a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Social Work, and is a trainer and team coach within care and welfare. He teaches employees how to look at ‘problem behavior’ in new ways. By translating 'problem behavior' into Signal Behavior, employees are challenged in a positive way to deal creatively with their own ideas and possibilities. Geert encourages employees to reflect on their share of care-working situations.

He previously worked as a Care Coordinator and teacher at a school for health and welfare, and has also been self-employed as a worker for victims of sexual abuse, a social worker for the elderly, and a nurse for families with mentally disabled children.

Geert is happily married and has three sons, three daughters in law, and is a proud grandfather of four grandchildren.


Geert Bettinger
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