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The Monarch Butterfly and The Cecropia Moth cover

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butterflies, moths, nature, life-cycle, caterpillar, chrysalis, photography

The Monarch Butterfly and The Cecropia Moth
Miraculous Stages and Changes
by Monica Taylor

Two books in one!

After five years of observation, documentation, and photography, it was a

privilege to preserve these fleeting moments in time. With over ninety close-up

and beautifully detailed photographic images, you will learn about the amazing

transformation of the monarch butterfly and the elusive, nocturnal cecropia moth.

This book features a spectacular photographic depiction of both the monarch butterfly

and the cecropia moth through their entire life cycle. Every step by step

image is detailed and explained with clear, kid-friendly language that can also be

enjoyed by adults. All the documentation and photography is taken from southern

Ontario, Canada.

Monica Taylor photo

Monica Taylor is a Canadian photographer from Bowmanville, Ontario. With a

love for nature, Monica’s dream is to create a sense of wonder and excitement in

both the young and old, celebrating this amazing yet fragile world of ours. Explore

the beauty and complexity of nature through the art of photography.

I was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. I currently reside in the

beautiful historic town of Bowmanville, Ontario. I have always loved nature and

the feeling of being grounded every time I had the opportunity to go north.

A late bloomer to the art of photography, I got quite involved in the Oshawa

Camera club, winning many awards for my nature images, mainly birds. While

looking for birds, I discovered a whole new world! It started with a single monarch

caterpillar. I did my research and found out how to raise one. I photographed the

many stages as it shed its skin and grew. One day to my surprise it turned into a

chrysalis. A number of days later, an amazing monarch butterfly emerged. It was

love at first sight. The following year I found the eggs and photographed the entire

process. I was so amazed and touched by the process that I wanted to share it with

my two grandsons. They have even had the experience of releasing tagged monarchs.


Monica Taylor

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