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Mafia, Russians, Montreal, Assassination, Revenge, Espionage, Hitman

The Traveler
by Tom Kubiak

After the fall of communist Russia, when the Cold War ends, paradigms shift worldwide and a society dating back to Catherine the Great develops a plan to reshape Russia’s place in the world. Amidst the chaos, Thomas Miller, a university student with roots in an influential German family, is approached for recruitment by a mysterious Russian official with absolutely no option to decline. From secretive back room deals in Russia, to bloody assassinations on the streets of Montreal, Miller is swept up in an intergenerational conflict that jeopardizes all he holds dear. In the midst of this epic struggle between East and West, he stuns the other participants when he begins to play the game his own way. A lyrical, atmospheric piece peopled with compelling characters, The Traveler features a complex, engaging, forward-moving plot studded with exciting action. And although it unfailingly entertains, it also has a lot that’s important to say about the dark and soulless nature of political and financial machinations in the world.

Tom Kubiak splits his time between his home north of Toronto and a second residence in Switzerland, in the area of Geneva. He has long had a fascination with geopolitics, finance, and history – expertise that he puts into dramatic play in The Traveler. This is his first novel.


Tom Kubiak

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