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Lobola ceremony, Bride price, Zimbabwe culture, Kofi and Pam, Akan culture, Marriage traditions, Lobola bargaining

Bride Price
Lobola Narrative And Interpretation
by Jonas Darko-Yeboah, Ph.D. and Tafadzwa Nyandoro

When Kofi and Pam, a young couple living in urban Calgary, got engaged, they decided to honour their African traditions, travelling to Ruwa, Zimbabwe to perform the Lobola (Bride Price) Ceremony prior to the Western-style wedding ceremony they would have upon their return to Canada.

The groom's father acts as the narrator in this cultural, social, and romantic expedition, taking us through the events leading up to and following the ceremony, and offering us a firsthand look at the often misunderstood and maligned ceremony itself.

Between the often-amusing exploits of his Canadian family, experiencing the unpredictability of the African wildlife for the first time, and the historical insights he offers regarding the sometimes-surprising cultural differences they encounter, Jonas captures this pivotal period in his family's life with a unique narrative keepsake they will likely treasure for years to come. But it has a lot to offer those of us who aren't a part of this familial circle as well.

Part romantic familial adventure and part anthropological study, Bride Price: Lobola Narrative and Interpretation is sure to engage your emotions, even as it informs.

Jonas Darko-Yeboah, Ph.D. and Tafadzwa Nyandoro photo

Born and raised in the Akan culture of Ghana, West Africa, Jonas Darko-Yeboah came to Canada when he was 37 years old. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 1992, and was a practising psychologist until his retirement in 2015.

With his special combination of cultural insight, research, and a genuine emotional connection to subject matter―watching his son reaching across continents to win the hand of the woman he loves―Jonas Darko-Yeboah is particularly well suited to tell this tale of love, determination, and cultural respect.


Jonas Darko-Yeboah, Ph.D.
Obed Darko
Tafadzwa Nyandoro

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