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Poetry collection, Vietnam poetry, Surgeon poet, Poems about healing, Poems about life, To Bind Up Their Wounds, A Surgeon’s War

In the Community Of Wild Birds
A Physician's Search for Renewal by Henry Ward Trueblood

Join the poet-surgeon from scene to scene as he cares for his patients. Stand with him the moment he realizes the medical challenge before him is beyond his control or when he has a flash back to the triage tent in Vietnam. Accompany him as he seeks and finds equanimity away from the operating room and trauma bay; “In the Community of Wild Birds,” in his garden, in wild places reached by bike or foot, he senses the power of renewal in a setting of natural beauty.

“Henry Ward Trueblood’s poems remind me of his phenomenal memoir A Surgeon’s War, even as they explore territories often quite far from Vietnam, that conflict of which he was so truthful a witness. The heart’s pain, deep introspection, and a gift for precise and very expressive language are alive in this collection." — Terence Clarke, author of The Notorious Dream of Jesus Lázaro

It’s been a pleasure and privilege reading Ward Trueblood’s work for over twenty years, his voice on the page always thoughtful and deliberate. The poet Mary Oliver says, “I don’t know exactly what a prayer is./I do know how to pay attention,” and so does Trueblood. Whether keeping a close eye on a hermit thrush, a cancer patient, a fellow medic in Vietnam, or the Japanese eggplant in his garden “wearing its green stocking cap, ready for a nap,” Trueblood’s new poems—humble, searching, and grateful, intimate and universal—read like prayers themselves. Here, we realize, are the words we need.

—Jennifer Richter, author of No Acute Distress

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Henry Ward Trueblood spent his early life exploring the fields and woods of rural Iowa, and making house calls with his physician father. A graduate of Earlham College and Stanford Medical School, he was drafted into the Navy during the war in Vietnam. Dr. Trueblood has won teaching awards at Stanford, and continues to teach diagnostic skills to medical students at Valley Medical Center in San Jose, California. His first book of poetry, To Bind Up Their Wounds, was published in 2008. The memoir of his year in Viet Nam, A Surgeon’s War, was published in 2015. He and his wife live in Northern California.


Henry Ward Trueblood

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