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Poetry, Rap lyrics, Black History, Civil Rights, American justice, People of colour, Social commentary

Art is War
by R.W. Courtney

These collected works are a celebration of love, pain, rage, hip hop, race, and pop culture. This hodgepodge of topics are merged as one to bring something new and fresh into the poetry medium. The author seamlessly blends social commentary into a rhythmic flow that can be heard with out melodic tones or sonics. This is a deep dive of creativity and originality from a new voice for those in love with the poetic art form. A must read this day and age for the creatives who battle daily with themselves and society.

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R.W. Courtney hails from the San Fernando Valley. He's been writing and pursing his dream for over 20 years. This is his first published work. He's 40 years old and a father of one.


R.W. Courtney

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