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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Children’s story about bullying, Métis, Ice fishing with kids, Louis Riel Day, aboriginal Bias, Voyageur Week, Voyageur sash

Fishing for Friends
by Julia Gibson

We are Canadian citizens and in Canada we show peace. For Canada’s 150th anniversary we created a book with our teacher about Canadian citizenship and reconciliation that featured our art work. Lucas and Peter go to school. At school Peter gets bullied because of his culture. Peter’s culture is First Nations. In the end Dillon, who is the bully, starts talking nicely to Peter. Their Dads know each other. Peter’s family loves to go fishing on the weekends. Peter and Dillon start being nicer to each other and finally get along. We show that being a Canadian is being respectful by not bullying others because that can hurt their feelings. It doesn’t matter what culture a person is from, just respect them and they will do it back to you.

—written by Lana Lynn Comia & Vanessa Santome (grade 4 students, école James Nisbet School)

Dedicated to my boys (Ivan, Sammy & Teddy) who love to fish!

Julia Gibson photo

Julia Gibson lives in Winnipeg with her husband and two young sons. Julia is proud to be a Canadian, and teaches in French. She loves spending time outside, especially at the splash pad or lake with her family, and believes in the importance of caring for creation. Julia is an educator who enjoys writing, music, travelling, and baking gluten-free monster cookies.


Julia Gibson
Mme. J. Gibson's Grade 4 class (2017)

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