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Hoover dam threat, Asteroid threat, Great Depression era, Apocalyptic future, Human drama, Romantic meetings, Colorado River

by Thomas McCavour

What happens when a planetary scientist discovers an asteroid that will hit earth in 2018. What happens when the life of the scientist becomes intertwined with the lives of a female sports instructor and his best friend. Impact follows the life of Shane Baird, Sharon Wright and Bert Hatch during periods before, during and after an asteroid hits Lake Mead, resulting in a flood which destroys Hoover Dam and much of the downstream property and population along the Colorado River.

Thomas McCavour is a Canadian novelist and play writer with a background in engineering, construction and gardening. His recent novels include The Keyhole - The Adventures of Toots the Cat, Bloody Diamonds, the sequel Beyond Diamonds, Sing to Me David and The Power of 10. McCavour is well known for his articles and lectures on both engineering and gardening subjects. Recent motivational lectures include Therapeutic Gardening for Zoomers and What To Do With Your Life, Before You Kick the Bucket. Impact is an informative and enjoyable read which provides us with a glimpse of the universe and the fragile nature of our time on planet earth.


Thomas McCavour

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