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CIA black ops, Espionage, Columbian drug cartel, Money laundering, Alan Greenspan, war on drugs, Berlin Wall

Man on the Run II
How to Get Rich
by Baron Alexander Deschauer

Life gives you the choice of love or money, rarely both. George Anderson, a farm boy from Illinois, wants it all. He seeks the other to secure both. His path to success includes the CIA, Columbian drug lords, and run-ins with some of the world’s most powerful and secretive people.

His drive to become rich is rooted in betrayal. How much is enough? Does money alone make a person rich? Does love have a role?

How to Get Rich is a fast-paced thriller over a deep and complex ocean of human desires.

Baron Alexander Deschauer was born in Winnipeg, Canada. He is married and currently lives in the Channel Islands. He is the author of the Man on the Run series, The Art of Wealth, Faust, Revelation, and The Concentration Camps of Canada.


Baron Alexander Deschauer

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