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Fiction, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, British Columbia fiction, British Columbia history, British Columbia Indigenous history, young adult fiction

Child of Bigfoot? by Douglas Franklin

Davy is a spellbinding drama which begins in the late 1800s in the Pacific Northwest. The fictional story is rooted in an actual contemporary newspaper account describing the capture of a hominid "ape-boy" who is destined for the freak show. Thrust into an alien culture, Davy survives with the help of a nurturing couple. A strange, new life is punctuated with flashbacks to his mysterious origins in the deep forest. Fate steers him on a journey of self-discovery, guided by First Nations companions, symbols and traditions.

Davy is a tantalizing tale which brings a new dimension to the elusive "bigfoot" phenomenon.

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Douglas Franklin was born and raised on Canada’s West Coast, graduating from the University of Victoria. He had a long career in preserving historic architecture, including twenty-four years in Ottawa with the National Trust for Canada. In 2007, he returned to his native Vancouver Island and consulted in the motion picture industry. He and his wife Lisa live in Victoria.

John L. Campsall was born in Vancouver and raised in Victoria. He studied under English watercolourist Brian Travers-Smith. He worked on the restoration of stained glass at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, and then taught stained glass at the Ottawa School of Art. In 1980 he immigrated to the USA, working as an artist in Albuquerque. He now lives in Lula, Georgia.


Douglas Franklin
John L. Campsall

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