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Atheism, Humanism, Catholic Church, Islam, skepticism, critical thinking, con games, Ponzi schemes

The God Con
Pay, Pray, Obey
by Lee Moller

The crucifix is in! You can fool most of the people most of the time. In The God Con, Lee Moller, a life-long atheist and skeptic, looks at organized religion through the lens of the con. Organized religion has been selling an invisible product, that it never has to deliver, for thousands of years. It has given us bigotry, rampant pedophilia, terrorism, and bloodshed beyond imagining. And its acolytes have, in turn, given organized religion power over their bank accounts, their reproduction, and their very “souls”.

Lee Moller is a life-long atheist and skeptic. He co-founded the BC Skeptics in 1986 and published its newsletter, The Rational Enquirer, for 25 years. In those years, he met many of the major forces in critical thinking, magic (the art of deception) and humanism, such as James Randi, and Paul Kurtz. In this book, he examines organized religion through the lens of the con artist, using the tools of a skeptical and critical thinker.


Lee Moller

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