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Werewolf, Erotica, Millionaires, Relationships, Shapeshifters, Curse, Romance

Wild Thoughts
by Leena Love

Jake is new to town and determined, for once, to live a simple life. All he wants is to work his groundskeeper job, stay fit, make some friends, and find romance with his sexy, cat-loving hairdresser, Joline—and keep the secret that he’s ludicrously wealthy. When romance sparks between Jake and Joline, he thinks he’s got it all figured it out, that is until he discovers Joline has her own secrets. The truth is that she has more in common with her cats than Jake could ever guess. Jake soon discovers that his new life is nothing close to simple, and that his normal friends are anything but.

Then, sabotaged by an old, jealous flame, Jake soon discovers just how it feels to be in touch with his wild, inner animal and he finds himself losing the love of his life. Can these lovers reconcile their true natures? Can there be harmony between the conflicting parts of themselves? Or will Jake’s quest to change his own animal instincts cause him to lose everything?

Wild Thoughts is part romance, part paranormal fantasy. Erotic, compelling, and mysterious, the heat between these characters will keep you reading and wanting more.

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Author Leena Love's passion and talent for art with a narrative is what led her to write her first novel, Wild Thoughts. As a hairdresser who has heard it all, she’s a natural story-teller and enjoys combining her watercolours paintings with her writing. When she’s not dreaming up her next project, she’s enjoying the art scene of her small town in Saskatchewan, where she lives with her family. She is currently working on a follow-up to Wild Thoughts.


Leena Love
Christopher James Borshowa

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