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Alphabet, Letters, Letter Sounds, Early Literacy, Emergent Literacy, Phonetics, Animals

Alphabet Stage
by Linda M. Phillips and Denyse V. Hayward

Alphabet Stage opens the curtain on the fascinating world of letters with a cast of entertaining characters and props.

An amusing performance unfolds as each new letter adds another novel element to the drama while previously introduced letters remain onstage. This impressive work incorporates the most recent emergent literacy research to introduce the alphabet and early literacy skills to children.

Linda M. Phillips is a Centennial Professor of reading and language research at the University of Alberta. She is co-author of A Teddy Bear's Birthday Wish, Ask Me No Questions, Test of Early Language and Literacy, and winner of The Canadian Children's Book Centre Choice Gold Seal. Her work can be found at

Denyse V. Hayward is an Associate Professor of speech and language research at the University of Alberta. She is the co-author of Test of Early Language and Literacy and author of Ice Cream at the Zoo. Her work can be found at

Nancy Nickolson is an artist, educator, and heritage professional. Her work has been featured at Alberta Art Days, the Kaleido Arts Festival, and is on permanent display at the University of Alberta. Her current work is featured on her website:

Special thanks to Ben Hayward, an architecture student, for book covers and stage illustration design support. His work is featured on his website:


Linda M. Phillips
Denyse V. Hayward
Nancy Nickolson

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