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Fantasy, science fiction, YA fantasy, teen fiction, young adult fiction, adventure, fantasy and magic

3 Realms
Realm of Dark and Light
by Benjamin Obadia

Vex Aaron is just like everyone else his age—although everyone else his age doesn’t necessarily live normal lives. Instead of living on Earth, they live in what’s called a realm, thanks to an organization called TAIC. In Vex’s eyes, TAIC controls every single second of every single day, and only the rich or the people who actually work for the organization can minimally enjoy life. Vex and thousands of other people want to put an end to that. He thinks TAIC is hiding secrets—secrets about the past that have never been revealed. While on a tour of the grand hall of TAIC, weird things happen that Vex can’t explain without people thinking he’s gone crazy. This only confirms his feeling towards TAIC, and he is set on figuring out what’s going on. He, along with his only friend, Lydia, must set out to find what dark secrets TAIC has been hiding, and he soon discovers that the entire fate of the realm could rest on his shoulders.

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Ben was an amazing, kind and selfless seventeen-year-old. During most of his life, he battled two different types of cancers. He wrote this book from age twelve to sixteen. Unfortunately, Ben lost his battle with cancer in July 2016, but he left us his wonderful manuscript. This great book is the result. To find out more about Ben, please visit his website:


Benjamin Obadia

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