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Earthquake, Tsunami, Pacific Northwest, Natural Disaster, Richter Scale, Adoption, Interfaith Marriage

The Power of 10
The Great Tsunami by Thomas McCavour

What happens when a great earthquake and tsunami hits the northwest coast of Canada and the United States? Hundreds of thousands of people will lose their lives during this terrible event. Will the lives of a young seismologist and a social worker survive?

The Power of 10 follows the lives of Mark Dixon, as he attempts to warn the residents about the catastrophe that could occur in the immediate future and Ruth Mintz as she deals with the complicated social lives of a prostitute, an unscrupulous investment dealer, a homeless alcoholic, a doctor and a young student. The story intertwines the lives of Mark and Ruth with all of these people before, during and after the earthquake and tsunami.

Thomas McCavour is a Canadian author with a background in engineering, construction and gardening. The Power of 10 is based on his experience with the seismic design of below-ground and above-ground structures in Canada and the Unites States.

McCavour has previously published five books and is also well known for his lectures on both engineering and gardening subjects.


Thomas McCavour

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