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39 - An Investigative Journey Into My Soul
Books 1 and 2
by Anna

On the verge of turning forty, Brianna (Bri) Athene Concord is stuck. In Book One, she knows something is wrong with her life, but she can’t articulate what it is, assuming it must be a flaw within her—a typical situation for those who suffer abuse at the handsof narcissists. She comes to realize she had been born into a narcissistic family, unaware of the distorted, self-destructive paradigms they had passed down to her, making her vulnerable to other narcissists who were only too happy to exploit her. With her choices flawed, she carried on as if under a glass ceiling, believing that the miserable cycle of abuse in which she is trapped is all life has to offer.

In Book Two, 39 - The Journey into My Soul Continues, Bri enters the second half of her life and embarks on a journey like that of a butterfly. Along with her inner child, Indira Childs; her psyche, Psyche Analysis; and her soul, Azalea, Bri retreats intoThe Cocoon of Therapy, eventually emerging as the woman she is meant to be—Anna. Through intense psychological work—including strategies and activities that help her assess her life from before birth to her fortieth year and beyond, revisiting and analyzing journal entries and her poetry—Bri recognizes the patterns that stifled her growth. She emerges from the process as a healthier and freer version of herself. A survivor of narcissistic abuse, she lives to tell the tale.

As Anna recounts the stages of her transformation, readers will be able to go on their own transformative journey, using social media prompts throughout the book. And keep an eye out for Book Three, 39 - The Journey into My Soul Endures. You’ll be excited to see where Anna goes next!

A writer at heart, Anna is Brianna Concord, Indira Childs, Psyche Analysis, and Azalea. She is a survivor of narcissistic abuse and is a work in progress. A private woman, she wants to use her story to help other women who are suffering through the challenges of overcoming narcissistic abuse and finding their true self. As a single mother, she has raised a well-developed young man. Single by choice, she strives for self-improvement each day. She loves to travel, try new things, and learn about everything that crosses her path. She is open to finding authentic love with an authentic man but is content until he presents himself. Until then, she will continue to enjoy the one life that God has given her.



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