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Environmental Ethics From A Faith-Based Perspective
by Safraz Bacchus

Many Scientists and researchers have proven that the human relationship with nature is broken. It remains important that we understand how this broken relationship has directly and drastically impacted the air we breathe, the soil we depend on for food production, and the water we consume for our collective survival. It is incumbent upon leaders of all religions, classes, countries, and nations to work towards solving these pressing environmental issues. For the purpose of this manuscript, I will be delving into the Islamic scriptures in order to offer an answer to the major questions affecting mankind. According to the Islamic requirements of faith, maintaining our natural environment is perhaps one of the highest demands prescribed to human beings. Therefore, addressing environmental issues from an Islamic perspective may offer substantial solutions towards the recovery of earth, and the mending of our broken relationship with that which is natural but slowly becoming extinct.

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Safraz Bacchus comes from the South American country of Guyana. As a result of his outstanding performances, he was awarded a full scholarship by the Egyptian government in collaboration with the government of Guyana to study in the famous Al-Azhar University. It was upon his return to Guyana that he spearheaded a surge of Islamic knowledge, training and sharing his wisdom while promoting Islamic values and Peace. Safraz has completed a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies and by volunteering with local hospitals to provide support and enlightenment to patients, has also developed a passion for Healthcare Chaplaincy. Building rapport with patients was a motivation, which led and assisted him in completing four units of Clinical Pastoral education. As a result of extensive training, he was able to grow intellectually as he developed an ability to be reflective and empathetic towards others.


Safraz Bacchus

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