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survival story, brother and sister adventure, hiding in the woods, talking to the animals, fighting mercenaries, siblings saving their parents, stolen horses

by Rick E. Thompson

Leaving his position in the king's army, Michael settled down with his wife in a small farmhouse in the woods, raising two children, and assuming his life of violence was behind him. When he wasn't helping his wife with the garden or doing chores, he would be in the woods with his 16-year-old son, Benny, teaching him everything he knew about woodcraft and hunting. Sophie, Benny's 12-year-old sister, would often tag along, watching from the shadows. A very small and quiet girl, Sophie always seemed happy to amuse herself. So often overlooked by her family, never noticing just how special she was—that was about to change.

One day, when the two kids are out playing in the woods, Sophie inexplicably panics and runs for home. Confused, Benny follows and the two arrive just in time to witness a band of mercenaries attacking their farm, looting their possessions and taking their parents captive. There is no one they can call on for help―no one who can save their parents from whatever horrible fate awaits them. And so, that responsibility falls squarely on their own small shoulders ... assuming they can avoid capture themselves.

Rick grew up on a farm in Manitoba and went to a small country school called Burnbank.

In his late teens he travelled to BC where he now lives. He bought a farm and spent most of his life farming and working in the bush and sawmills. Now retired he has taken to writing.


Rick E. Thompson

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