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Palliative care, inspirational non-fiction, hospice, death and dying, end-of-life stories, medical care, caring for the dying

"I'm Not Dead Yet"
Living Every Moment
by Mary Gatschene

This book is for everyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, in the hopes that they have also experienced the joy and peace in living every moment at the end of life. The stories include happy moments in hospice that matter to those who are on their final journey in life. People who come to hospice not to “die” but to “live until they die” do just that and enjoy special final moments with family and friends. The heartwarming stories will encourage and inspire people to be the compassionate caregivers that everyone hopes to have at the end of their life. The use of humour is a lovely balance to the emotionally difficult nature of the stories. It gently offers insight into how to fulfill the wishes of the ones who are about to die, even if that wish is something as small as feeling the wind on their face again.

“I’m Not Dead Yet: Living Every Moment is a powerful and heartwarming book that is sure to be a huge support to anyone dealing with the imminent death of a loved one. Full of true stories that show the courage of the terminally ill patients combined with the great compassion and love of the staff and families who care for them, it offers us examples of ways we can help make the final days of the one who is dying more comfortable and meaningful. The book is thoughtful and well-written, and there is humour woven through that will help keep spirits lifted as people read the stories of the patient’s last days.”

- Rebecca Hendry, author of Grace River, (Brindle and Glass, 2009)

Ever since she was a little girl, Mary Gatschene knew she wanted to be a nurse. She studied nursing at a College in Ontario and graduated as a Registered Nurse. She has worked in nursing for over thirty years and in multiple roles including hospital nursing, emergency travel repatriation services, community nursing, health training and as an educator in the nursing program at a College. Mary completed the Palliative Approach to Care program and Fundamentals of Palliative Care course. She is a specialized Registered Nurse who delivers care to patients with life-limiting progressive illnesses using an evidence-based holistic approach to care. She is currently employed in the area in which she believes she can make the most difference, as a Palliative Care Nurse. She has found her true calling and passion working with palliative patients and their families, all of whom continue to inspire her each and every day. Mary lives in Canada with her husband and children.


Mary Gatschene

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