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Canadian Veteran, Air Force, Military Diary, Canada WWII, War Pilots, Military History, WWII Pilots

Let George Do It
A Flying Officer's Journal
by Ralph Carney

Imagine flying over Germany with flak lighting up the dark skies. So it was one night when the crew of the “Let George Do It” Lancaster bomber first experienced the Nazi “scarecrows”, rocket-like devices that burst into flame ahead of their aircraft then plummeting to the ground spreading flame all around making it appear that the bombers were being shot down.

This is a short bio of my father during his war years. There are details of his missions, what went well and what didn’t. In it you will find out how he took to Air Force life, how he spent his down time, and how his love of country kept him going mission after mission. Over 3000 Lancaster bombers were lost during the war. My father lost many friends, but was very thankful on that day, August 6, 1945 when he landed back on Canadian soil and was reunited with his beloved “Billie”.

Ralph Carney is a retired teacher living in Ottawa, Ontario


Ralph Carney

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