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Early 1900s rural life, Family life, Romance, Farming, Canadian prairies, Tragedy, WWI

Jacob's Place
From the series of Abbington Pickets
by H. C. Hewitt

It was the best time in Jacob Hudson’s life. He was about to marry Abigail Rodgers, his best friend and love of his life. Together they would build their dream home and start a family. Jacob’s carpentry business was successful and he was closer than ever to his siblings. Life was good.

1911, a time when Sir Robert Laird Borden was Prime Minister and King George V was on the throne, life in the Canadian Prairies wasn’t easy, but Jacob was no stranger to hard work and integrity was his middle name. Jacob and Abigail’s happiness wasn’t everlasting. An abrupt illness, extreme weather, unexpected debt; each obstacle more difficult than the last. Jacob was determined and trusted in the Lord, but not everyone had his faith. While Jacob thinks he can help anyone who is in need, he comes face to face with the harsh facts when he too has to rely on others for help. How will Jacob overcome the things he cannot change?

When his faith is tested, can he continue to trust that God will never fail? Follow Jacob and Abigail and their family back to Abbington Pickets through early 20th century Saskatchewan and their intriguing story of a carpenter who followed his heart in a small community only to find more than he expected.

“...this novel is sure to please readers of clean fiction and Christian readers alike. With memorable characters, a well-developed setting, and a plot line that will keep readers wondering what will happen next, this novel is an enjoyable and engaging read.”

— Laura Matheson

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H. C. Hewitt grew up on a farm in southeastern Saskatchewan, where she developed a deep appreciation for the rural prairie landscape and the people who live there. She has been passionate about reading and writing from an early age and always knew that she would someday write a historical romance. Her grandmother’s extensive knowledge of Saskatchewan history and her grandfather’s collection of antiques sparked an enduring love of history, especially of the era in which her story unfolds. Her story’s setting, Jacob of Abbington Pickets, was inspired by a historic park near where she grew up, founded in 1882 by an Englishman who set out to create a Victorian village in Canada.

H. C. Hewitt’s other passion is quilting; she owns and operates a quilt shop, where she designs and makes quilt patterns. Her four children have grown up and moved away, giving her more time for writing and quilting. H. C. Hewitt lives in rural eastern central Alberta with her husband, two dogs, three cats, and ten miniature donkeys.


H. C. Hewitt

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