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Mass shooting, Gun control, Political protest, Infidelity, Malpractice, PTSD, Psychiatrist

The Armory
by Kevin Tennert

Justin Patterson is receiving blow after blow in the fight of his life against a powerful and pugnacious system at the top of federal politics. His tenacious resolve to weaken the hegemonic political entity comes from a serious and bloody incident, which reoccurs on a regular basis in society and effects the lives of countless people in the United States of America as a result. Nothing is done to solve the problems of deceit, corruption and lobbying out of fear of repercussions against innocent citizens. Justin is convinced the system, he dubs "The Armory" is the primary source of transgression and controversy. It uses its model of coercion and manipulation to remain at the top of power. He uses all available strength and courage to bring it down but suffers constant waves of threats, intimidation and retaliation from a system, which has no intention of letting go of its power for anyone and anything.

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The powers of government and its leadership have intrigued me for years. My five years spent at two post-secondary institutions in the study of the liberal arts further emphasized my need to understand the responsibilities and obligations the government has over the sovereign state. My first hints of administrative controversy and scandal stems from the presidency of George W. Bush and the follies of America's two-party system and their neoliberal platform. These issues have encouraged me to further refine my writing. I want to attach my enjoyment to writing to my love of history, in order to write a book everyone can enjoy and receive worthwhile information from. History is a lesson, which everyone should receive top grades on.


Kevin Tennert

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