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Christianity, Atheism, Islam and the Need for Real Evangelical Leadership cover

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Christianity, Atheism, Islam and the Need for Real Evangelical Leadership
by D.A. Wonneberg

2016 will go down in history as a watershed political year and evangelicals--the largest identifiable voting bloc--were central to the many shocking attitudes and behaviors observed. D.A. Wonneberg, Ph.D. provides needed insight into how evangelicals de-evolved from being the 'light of the world' to potentially installing America's first fascist leader. Wonneberg--a lifelong evangelical and academic who has studied organizational psychology, narcissism and fascism--provides a rare, insider's look at evangelicals. He does not blindly perpetuate the current views of populist evangelicals but he pursues the most difficult internal issues facing the community while at the same time he addresses the harshest external criticisms. Wonneberg holds that there is a need for traditional, ethical and real evangelical leadership in a world pleading for moral guidance and lasting, peaceful, solutions. He sees the current trajectory of evangelical bias and confrontation that does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as only leading to further societal failure. As such, 'Christianity, Atheism, Islam and the Need for REAL Evangelical Leadership' is a handbook for the religious novice and experienced political pundit alike. Members of all walks of life will find refreshing and insightful solutions that are time-tested and worthy of pursuit in an age of hatred and divisiveness. This handbook covers: · the basics of Christianity · the history and fundamentals of evangelicalism · narcissism, fascism and the antidote which is Christ-like leadership · the growing atheist and agnostic communities · a comprehensive set of apologetic responses to atheist objections · the basics of Islam · evidence of religious decline in modern life · an overview of hate speech and necessitated communication standards · the need for an eternal, Christ-centered perspective

D.A. Wonneberg, PhD is an Organizational Psychologist and Evangelical Christian that critically writes and discusses the harshest of current views--all from a moderate, centrist, peace-making point of view that incorporates the respected, universal teachings of Jesus Christ. Dean holds a BA Economics, MBA and PhD Organizational Psychology with expertise in finance, personality assessment, leadership, narcissism, effective communication and employee engagement. He also holds expertise in the New Testament and Evangelicalism based on his Pentecostal heritage--with added insight into Fascism--his family victimized by the atrocities of WWII. As such, Dean is an original thinker with a no holds-barred approach in his defense of Christianity in light of science and academia. He offers insight to the development of effective leadership while avoiding the pitfalls of narcissism and fascism. He is well positioned to respond to the intricate criticisms of Evangelicals from both far left and far right points of political view--while at the same time offering criticism and resolutions of his own.


D.A. Wonneberg

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