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Embezzlement, Law firm, giving in to temptation, taking on a new identity, Paulette McNeil, stealing from trust account, McDowell Hill

Puzzle of Pieces
by Sally Hill Brouard

Elisabeth Nielsen had a difficult life almost from birth. Her father died when she was young, her mother didn’t have much money and Elisabeth was a very lonely only child. As an adult, she finds herself still alone and trapped in an unfulfilling life, existing from day to day, despite working very hard at the law office with little recognition. Following a series of trying events, one eventually pushes her too far. While Ward Barton, athlete, scholar, golden son and lawyer with the same elite law firm, who had every opportunity and gift in life, a person the complete opposite of Elisabeth, begins his own trials in life. Without either knowing, each of their lives fracture and splinter into pieces. The unthinkable happens — every lawyer’s nightmare — leaving the law firm and lives in chaos. Eventually all those affected must pick up the pieces, each in his or her own way, to try to make some sense of what transpired.

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I grew up on Vancouver Island in a place affectionately referred to as the sun porch of Canada. My parents encouraged me to use my imagination and be creative and, of course, that involved reading, writing and stories. I loved school but I was anxious to find a niche. After 15 jobs in five years, I found myself in a law office. For over 40 years I worked in many areas of law and in various capacities, but mostly anything that involved an exchange of money for some sort of asset. I found my work precise, demanding, rewarding and interesting. I cannot recall a day that I did not look forward to going to work because it always offered something new and different — that is a gift not everyone is lucky enough to receive. Marriage, children, being a full time working mother, a daughter, a sister, a volunteer and friend to many, I always seemed to push writing to the bottom of my bucket list. Now with retirement, it’s time to cross some items off that bucket list and so I have crafted my first novel.


Sally Hill Brouard

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