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Young Adult, Supernatural, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Coming of Age, High School, Friendship

by K. M. Shykitka

Behavior–modifying lights? Where did they come from — and why are they here? Six teens investigate these lights, which they dub ‘Shades’. With the guidance of a wise Purple Shade, the Aureaders learn about the Shades and experience enhanced abilities.

Fara sees fairies. Mike shape–shifts. Ben can transport himself anywhere on the planet. Barbara can access any knowledge or information in the world. Kat is able to manifest anything she wants — and Joyce can defy gravity.

The group soon falls prey to a gang of vicious bullies. The bullies’ cruel actions toward the Aureaders quickly intensify into a horrific tragedy, which will require the teens to uncover the Shades’ ultimate secret to put the pieces back together.

Karen Shykitka resides on the planet Earth within the consciousness of Gaia. From a young age she felt different and not much 'out there' in the world made sense. That's why it didn't enter her mind there was school the next day, when she quietly woke her two children to see the thousands of winking lights of fireflies along the ditches and in the bushes. That's also why she'll plop herself down on the sidewalk with her two-year-old granddaughter to watch the ants hurrying and scurrying to find food.

Her message to all those who feel different: "Don't try to fit yourself into something that will make you feel ugly inside. Rather, know that in this evolving consciousness you and only you are a perfect expression of yourself. Allow yourself to be."


K. M. Shykitka

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