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poetic impressions, creative process, poet’s world view, observations on humanity, personal angst, isolation, memories

Thoughts, Dreams, and Poetry
by Alie E. Kamara

Thoughts, Dreams, and Poetry, was created out of the will for creativity and exploratory imagination. it’s what I’ll call an artistic vagabond’s dream. For the painters, writers, musician, filmmaker’s of the new age, and for the scoundrels or misfit souls, looking for lantern to lead you home, this one is for you. I merely don’t create poetry, I create dreams, and for the reader who’s fascination has lead them down several turnpikes, the cost of a Kaleidoscopic rabbit hole, is most certainly worth the ride. Come with me and my twist and turns of humanity, and I’ll reveal the illusion of magic within us all.

"Thoughts, Dreams and Poetry is a thought-provoking, engaging poetry collection. I find your work reminiscent of beat poetry (for example, Allen Ginsberg’s work), and as such, it is a delight to read out loud. Your poems have a unique beat and rhythm that makes reading and/or hearing them most enjoyable." - Elizabeth Siegel

"Your poems are filled with careful word choices that evoke strong images...Within each poem, these distinct images slowly build upon each other until they mesh to reveal a 'bigger picture' with an observation, truth, or message for the reader. This is an effective and powerful way to share your creativity and vision with others." - Elizabeth Siegel

I am not really sure who I am, whether I’m an Actor, or a Poet, or an Artist. However, I am sure that I burn day night with an irresistible urge that beckons me to create something within us all. I became a writer to unveil the dark and wistful tragedies within my masked soul, but also to shame them and disgrace them into art.


Alie E. Kamara
Annette Landers

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