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How to listen, communication, sound meditation, listening versus hearing, auditory development, soundscapes, sound therapy

Tuning the Eardrums
Listening as a Mindful Practice
by Gary Diggins

Tuning the Eardrums invites the reader to approach listening as an intentional act. Gary Diggins draws upon his background as a musician and therapist in order to help individuals become more present to the ever-shifting nature of sound, music, words, or even silence. This guidebook considers our aural sense from multiple angles and provides practical ways to relate to someone or something through deep listening. The content mixes personal stories, psycho-spiritual principles, scientific research with mindful and musical practices. In a time when distractions and multi-tasking abound, this book helps us remain attentive as we receive or respond to the unseen world of sound.

Gary's book is a precious gift to everyone seeking to listen more meaningfully in the world. This book is irresistible and I find myself returning to it time and again, to fully appreciate the endless stream of wisdom Gary shares in it.

Aileen Gibb - Author of Voices

Beyond his remarkable skills as a musician and facilitator of sonic magic, Gary Diggins pushes us to listen into dimensions that define our shared humanity. This book, borne of a lifetime of music making and intercultural traveling, goes well beyond the words it speaks. It is a must-read for anyone exploring the potential of sound to give us meaning and make the world anew.

Daniel Fischlin, International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation, University of Guelph

Gary possesses a unique gift to be able to instinctively move the soul of anyone fortunate enough to share a space with him. Gary shares his amazing gift in his wonderful new book. Immersing yourself in Gary’s vibrant writing opens up a sonic landscape that shimmers with timeless wisdom and sound advice.

Ian Wallace - Behavioural Psychologist and bestselling author

Gary Diggins photo

Gary Diggins has dedicated the past three decades to serving individuals and groups through his unique therapeutic practice that combines music, counselling, and mindfulness. His understanding of music as medicine has taken Gary to places ranging from African communities affected by conflict to global organizations wanting to deepen their communication skills. As a multi-instrumentalist specializing in improvisation and world music, Gary performs internationally. He is a father to four children and currently lives with his partner in Guelph, Ontario.


Gary Diggins
Ryan Price

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