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The Meaning Of Life in a Nutshell
What God Wants You To Know
by DavId P Calabro

This book presents modern day and future spiritual teachings, in unison with traditional Bible lessons. This information is for all religions, races, atheists, ages, scientists, doctors, politicians, psychics, presidents, all military personnel, other authors, the Vatican, inmates, and all countries around the world—rich, poor, and in between! This information has been downloaded to my brain from God, the Angels, and my Spirit Guides. They want me to tell the world that everyone on the planet may be more worldly spiritual, together as one. They wish you to know the true meaning of God, our creator, his army of angels, and other spiritual beings in our galaxy and the universe! No religion is better than another religion. There is one God, the creator for all of us on this planet. Your religion may visualize God, and what you think God looks like, but God is both male and female, and is an energy essence form of intelligence that can manifest to look like any creation. This is their message to mankind. You must read this book over and over again until you actually get it. The majority of people will not understand it at first. You must eat and drink natural foods so the cells in your body will heal your DNA and, in turn, your universal spirituality will ignite through your pituitary gland, the master gland. You will see things that you have never seen before! Peace and love to all.

100% true. A confirmed star child and walk in spirit. Downloaded to him from God his angels and spirit guides. The whole world should read this book. Three times I refused to write this but...

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David grew up a normal all-American kid and excelled in all sports, especially football. He had a happy well-rounded life. With three brothers and one sister, he was the middle sibling. Life was fun, exciting, and adventurous, with many barbecues, fishing trips, nightclubs, movies, and neighborhood drama! His dad was a WWII marine who had fought in Japan. The two of them went everywhere together. All of his uncles were also in WWII, but when his dad passed— that’s when everything started to get really strange! By trade David was an investigator, now retired, for all law firms and medical facilities in Philadelphia, PA, and from New York to Washington, DC. He is a huge skeptic because of my trade. He must check anything he deals with over and over again to make sure it is fact! When all of these out of body experiences happened, he had to make sure that they were real. When he saw his mom, dad, relatives, and pets on the other side ... it was real. David astral travels about every other night. He is now a partial walk-in spirit of his higher self. From the future, he is also an empath of people’s feelings, as well as a healing counsellor for the mind and body. He is a lightworker of God’s army, and one of the star people.


DavId P Calabro

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