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The Mystery of The Jeweled Case cover

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  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

mystery, detective, jewel thief, physical disability, wheelchair, girls, friendship

The Mystery of The Jeweled Case
The Tales of Macaroni McDuffy Super Sleuth Series, Book 2 by GiGi Bueter

In her first adventure, 10-year-old Macaroni McDuffy helped save Snowy, her friend Anisha’s dog. But now Macaroni can’t get something out of her head: She’s seen a man on the elevator, carrying a jeweled case just like Mrs. Smith’s — but Mrs. Smith is nowhere to be found! When Anisha’s music box goes missing, Macaroni finds she has two cases to solve. Who is this strange man? What happened to Anisha’s music box? And can Macaroni find the culprit without abandoning her volunteer job at the End-of-Summer Bash?

Macaroni was born with a rare illness and uses a special mobile chair, but that doesn’t slow her down. She tends to see people and things in a different way, picking up clues other people miss. Join Macaroni as she uses her skills to search for answers and learns about honesty, friendship, and forgiveness.

GiGi Bueter has been an educator for more than forty years. She has always been involved in reading books and teaching reading. Thanks to her first grandchild, McKenzie, GiGi has been able to bring the stories from her heart into book form for others to enjoy.


GiGi Bueter

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