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Breathe... Just Steps to Breathtaking Speeches
7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward: Discover the Techniques of Voice-Over Speakers, Actors, and Professional Presenters
by Brenda C. Smith

Finally, a book to help you improve not only the sound of your voice, but your delivery style.

Inside BREATHE you’ll find the breathing techniques used by actors, voice-over speakers, singers, and presenters to create those fascinating nuances that draw in an audience.

Follow the seven-step process to cultivate your best-sounding vocal performance with accessible, simply organized exercises. Immediately recharge your speech, tone, clarity and energy! How you BREATHE will lead to breathtaking speeches.

As mentioned in Forbes Magazine, "Present Like A Pro In The Corporate World: by Carey-Ann Oestreicher, CEO, Potential Unlimited.

"One of the more unique aspects of the book is the sensitivity Smith shows in dealing with various challenges for speakers. For example, she includes a section with the header 'How do women avoid breaking down in front of others?' in which she empathetically confronts the issue of how a woman can control her voice when emotion takes over. Smith offers three strategies to address this challenge: 'consciously breathe,' 'lower your vocal tone,' and 'slow your pace.' Smith suggests, 'These three strategies work together as a team to overpower the emotional side that makes you look vulnerable.' ... Smith is a positive and motivational guide." - Barry Silverstein, Foreword Reviews

"Brenda’s coaching provided me with many tips to ‘find’ my true ‘tone’ and best on-air voice. My speed, enunciation, and projection all improved with Brenda’s one-on-one lessons and customized exercises. Because of Brenda’s one-on-one sessions and hands on approach she was able to customize my lessons to focus on my personal requirements and allowing me to progress at my own pace." - Rob Mattice, Announcer, Bluewater Radio

"The best thing I learned was about the Breathing. You are awesome Brenda. I came to learn something. Oh my Gosh- I learned a TON! AMAZING and you gave us so much to work on!" - Rita Rittenhouse, Stonecroft Ministries Workshop in Guelph, ON

“Brenda C. Smith has written a detailed, practical book chock-full of information, exercises, and anecdotes that reflect her years as a vocal coach. What a handy resource for actors, professional speakers and anyone looking to enhance the quality of their speech.” - FriesenPress Editor

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Brenda C. Smith, BA, BEd, ATCL, OCT, is a speech and drama coach and instructor with over thirty years’ experience working with thousands of students and clients, from emerging artists to seasoned professionals. An actor of film, TV, and stage, a theatre director and drama teacher, she remains an active lifelong learner, world traveller, and energetic presenter. Brenda is a published author and owner of Voice Power Training Services.


Brenda C. Smith

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