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Just Passing Through
Our Earthly Pilgrimage
by Helen Jean McCullough


‘Just Passing Through’ is a book designed to help us think about the ups and downs of our lives and where God stands in our lives at various times. It draws attention to the impact we may have on each other’s lives, whether positive or negative, as we journey through this world.

God gave us two phases of life, (1) our temporary life here on earth, in preparation for (2) our eternal life in the destination of our own choosing. Where are our earthly preparations leading us?

Our lifetime here on earth is just a drop in the bucket compared to eternity, yet some go on nonchalantly living for now with little thought for the eternal afterlife. Why do we put so much emphasis on our short span of life in the here and now and so little emphasis on the eternity of life in the hereafter?

This is a problem we tend to struggle with throughout our lives. Sometimes God is at the forefront and at other times, He is put on the back burner, not really forgotten, but just put aside for the time being. In other cases, He almost seems non-existent.

‘Just Passing Through’ is written for people of all ages who are struggling with their faith or just in need of a little encouragement to stay on track. It is aimed at helping us to think about where we are in life, what is truly important to us, where we are heading and how our decisions can affect future generations. If this concerns us, then perhaps we should take a look inside.

We can make a difference.

Helen McCullough was born into a Catholic family in Cape Breton, NS, the youngest of six children. She moved to Ontario in the early 60’s where she graduated from Humber College with diplomas in Accounting and Business Administration, followed by a career in Office Management. Helen journeyed with her husband, Don, through the Diaconate Discernment and Formation program at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Scarborough, ON. But it was as a mother and a grandmother that she found the inspiration to write this book.


Helen Jean McCullough

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