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God, Jesus, Bible Verses, Religious, The Lord, The Heart, Satan.

The Heart's Journey
Do You Know Your Heart's Journey?
by Meredith Froese

Do You Know Your Heart's Journey is a book about different heart conditions that are very painful. By experiencing God’s love, you can build a relationship with Him, and find spiritual and emotional healing. This book was written in hope that many would find answers to their hurting heart, and allow Jesus to give them peace and rest. Allowing God control brings true healing and rest to what was once a very painful heart. Let yourself experience God’s love.

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Throughout the author's life, circumstances caused Meredith Froese to cling to God and His promises. Detached from others as a child, He taught her to pray. Through His healing and powerful influence, He made it possible for her to write this book. A married home-maker for twenty-two years, she has six children, four of whom still reside with her and her husband, Richard. Meredith Froese resides in Eden, Manitoba.


Meredith Froese

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