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  • The Botanical Easter Story

    Third Edition by

    In a unique way, follow Jesus through the last week of His life. Meditate on a paraphrased version of Jesus' passion and death while enjoying photos of forty-eight plant species. After a visit to Israel, author Nola Orich was inspired with a ...

  • Heaven & Hell

    A Right Relationship with Our Heavenly Father by

    This is by no means, nor could it ever be, an exhaustive or authoritative book on the subject of “Heaven & Hell” or “A Right Relationship with our Heavenly Father.” I have used credible and authoritative sources, relied heavily on various Holy ...

  • The Heart's Journey

    Do You Know Your Heart's Journey? by

    Do You Know Your Heart's Journey is a book about different heart conditions that are very painful. By experiencing God’s love, you can build a relationship with Him, and find spiritual and emotional healing. This book was written in hope that many ...