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Mystery Thriller, Real Crime Accounts, Sensually Erotic, Deeply Intellectual, Dark Humor, Wildly Romantic, Murder

by Linda Rich

The Stiltons were a middle aged couple who encountered a tragic event in a small hamlet near West Point, NY. The manuscript had been completed and mailed in August, 2014. Unfortunately, it had been mis-addressed and arrived a year later. It cannot be determined whether this was a fictional novel or a true account of what happened to the Stiltons. The manuscript was sent by an author who used the pseudonym, “Linda Rich.” The location or any other information about Linda is unknown.

TWISTED was probably written by a person who worked in law enforcement who documented the grisly facts that occurred to this couple. The author requested that the story be told with only one condition. That condition was to warn readers to keep an open mind, their doors locked and lights on as they journey through this macabre tale of marital bliss to lethal betrayal.

Fans of the leading female writers of psychological thrillers will enjoy reading this book while trying to discover the ultimate twist to the story. The book combines an accounting of real murders and the mistakes made, humor, erotica and political statements. It fosters a unique style of writing never encountered before.

Linda Rich: As best as we can discern anything about the author from reading this book, the author either lived and/or worked in Northern New Jersey or in Orange County, New York. We think that the author may have graduated from the University of Delaware and had a long career in the Health Insurance Industry in the New York City Metropolitan area. We could not find other published works by this author and assume that this is a debut publication. Once the book is published and distributed, further information about the author or the couple detailed in the book may be forthcoming.


Linda Rich

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